Immersing fermenters

The fermenter is used for extracting colour, aromatic and other ingredients from red wine grapes. We produce two types of fermenters – immersing and decanting. The immersing fermenter is immersed thanks to a hat with flaps, whereas the decanting one is covered with liquid by a hat with a pump.
The control part consists of a cooling regulation as fermenters are equipped with an external cooling jacket. On the cover of the fermenter there is a fi 400 door with a threaded nozzle for closing and a nozzle for gas dosage. The bottom of the fermenter is tilted 5° towards the exit door. The bottom of the fermenter can be doubled with a heater for reheating must. Immersing fermenters have a pneumatic cylinder placed on the cover. There is also a system of flaps that help immersing the hat of the must. The cylinder is controlled by an electronic device whith which it is possible to adjust the intervals of operation. The flap system can be easily removed and the fermenter can also be used as a wine container. The fermenter can be additionally equipped with a pump for watering the hat.

Immersing fermenters VN3300 Immersing fermenters VN5000Immersing fermenters VN10000

Decanting fermenter

The decanting fermenter is watered by a hat with a pump. In the bottom part, the pump pumps the must and directs it to the top of the cover through a pipe system. At the end of the pipe system there is a sprayer that sprinkles the must on the hat. The pump is controlled by an electronic device with which it is possible to adjust the time intervals of turning the pump on and off.
Decanting fermenter VN 3300 ČR Decanting fermenter VN5000 ČRDecanting fermenter VN 10000 ČR
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